My New Business Cards + Brownie Bites + Father's Day Stuff

Check out my new business cards, I heart them so! My newest sponsor and all-around printable goddess  Paper & Pigtails knocked another one out of the park, a custom design based on my blog logo...wait, blogo? I was a little embarrassed by the free ones I got from VistaPrint a few years back...didn't know where I was going with this party planning stuff.  I did use them to print them out, seeing as all the big name office supply places made it way too difficult to navigate and one didn't even have the vertical card option.

And speaking of shout outs, I'm tickled pink to have inspired the great CakeSpy's latest post on Serious Eats...she so loved the brownie bites I made for our meetup last year.  Necessity is the mother of invention my friends, making them the classic Bakerella way was a little time consuming, and I can never get the consistency right, so my weapon of choice is brownies.

And even more inspired coolness, check out my Today's Mama post, a great roundup of Father's Day printables and ideas, including this awesome Super Hero Supply Company download.

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