Lollipop, lollipop, oh lolli, lollipop

So as I mentioned in a previous post, the Ming & Aoki clothing line launch inspired me to do a Candyland/Sugar Party. There are so many fun ideas to choose from....

Print out party info on round labels and stick them on swirl pops. Or wrap the info around a candy bar. Just remove the paper labels, and replace it with your invite.

Start with a white palette, then accent with the guest of honor's favorite color or pull a color from their favorite candy. Or just make it a rainbow of colors.

Add these peppermint candy balloon lanterns, and Celebrate Express's Candyland tableware.

Fill a small glass container with flowers, then nest it in a larger container. Fill the gap between the containers with small candies.

Sprinkle your table with little candies like Red Hots and M&Ms.

Wrap large styrofoams balls in colored cellophane paper and twist the ends to resemble giant wrapped candies. Hang them everywhere with fishing line.

Gingerbread men aren't just for Christmas. Set out bowls of frosting, and an assortment of candies to decorate the cookie.

Candy Jar Guess - have each guest guess how many candies are in a jar that you display on a table. The closest guess wins the jar.

For the older crowd, go retro with Twister, Limbo and potato sack races. Winners could receive this splurge of a Candyland lunchbox or steal the idea by passing out the mini lunchbox pails of candy from Target's Dollar Spot. Or just fill a clear cellophane bag with your favorite candy and tie with a pretty ribbon a la My Awesome 80's party. (See how I worked that in there?)

My Goodies
What little girl wouldn't want this adorable treat box, also at Celebrate Express. I love candy favors, especially candy buffets, I would do them at every party if I could afford it, I love all the different ways you can display luscious treats, therefore I have to show these...

Check out the knot's edible favors section, there are tons of candy favor ideas. Yes, it's a wedding planning site, they are events too, right? Some of the best ideas I've seen come from weddings; it's the one time people can be over the top, and that's just up my alley. It's fun to make the ideas more practical, kind of like how no one wears the clothes straight off the runway. So raid your local grocery store aisle, or buying in bulk may save you some duckets. Check out Candy Warehouse, or Candy Crate.

If you are fortunate to live in New York, Houston, or Orlando and can afford it (parties start at $625(!!!!) for 10 kids), Dylan's Candy Bar is the ultimate sweet spot. The Candy Kids package includes candy card invites, a candy craft activity, balloon bouquets, candy treats, birthday cake & signature ice-cream, multi-colored paper goods & tableware and party professionals. Sorry, no gold brick. Although from what I've read, it's the rich kids' version of CEC.

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