Rockin' Centerpieces

flower centerpiecesI love getting party ideas from wedding sites. They may be grand events, but many elements can be used, just toned down for your party's size. Here are some inspirations from In Style Weddings.

Make a stunning display by filling tall containers with water and submerge a few tulips, cymbidium orchids or amaryllis. I've done this with tulips.

Using cool earthy colors—lime- and apple-greens, this beautiful centerpiece was made by removing the stems from Annemarie roses and hydrangeas, and piled the blooms in low bowls.

A double-duty centerpiece: guests, whose names appear on gift tags instead of place cards, may sit where they like at this table.

Unique and eco-friendly: landscape centerpieces. Lose the tree though.

Check out these totally doable options from the knot.
fruit centerpieces

Purchase small, square, glass vases (I've found similar ones at our Dollar Tree) and nest a smaller vase inside.

Fill the space between both vases with sliced limes and add purple hydrangeas to the vase.

Another use of square vases; packed tightly with fresh grass and white roses and wrapped in white ribbon.

Centerpieces of green hydrangeas, roses, and kale in green silk–wrapped vases are interspersed with green apples and key limes in clear glass vases.

As long as you can find them good homes, a bowl of goldfish with coordinating marbles or pebbles can be a fun addition.

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