A bonus Tuesday Trend - Arrgghh!!

Why pirates today? I don't know, just seemed like that kind of day. They've always been hot. Plus, the Seafair Pirates came out to our children's museum and we were unable to attend, due to the Trailer Park Pride party, so I guess a Pirate Party in honor of their arrival? I don't know, do I need a reason? Plus, I think pirates are a perfect Halloween party theme.

Send out this stylish set of Aliroo's 8 coaster invitations printed on genuine coaster stock.
pirate party decor

Loving the Pottery Barn Kids' Pirate Party Collection, although it's clearing out fast, I'm assuming to make room for a new line. Keep them busy with a Sink-A-Ship pirate canvas game for all to play. Set the scene with this shipwreck centerpiece and tablecloth and the Beware! pennant.

pirate tumblersHow fun are these tumblers? These durable cups are perfect party fare, and unlike paper party goods, they can be used time and time again.

pirate accessoriesUm, pirate wear is not hot, pantaloons work for NO ONE. These ensembles, however, fit the bill. Going to an adult party? Try out this T-dress and bling it out with Emitations Deimos' earrings. Check out Lucky-13's sexy black number, you can't see all of it in my picture, it has a red skull and crossbones on the bottom, and that silhouette shape will create many admirers. Put the your little buccaneer in this pirate booty onesie and booties. Channel your inner punk princess with Target's Libertine skull-print argyle sweater vest.

Feed hungry pirates a variety of snacks from the sea: tuna fish salad, clam chowder, goldfish crackers, and check out these sweet treats. FamilyFun's pirate ship is ambitious if you have the skills. Fondant masterpieces: I'm loving these irresistible mini cupcakes from Once Upon a Cupcake, and at Peggy's Cake Decorating ideas, her pirate cake.

Tuesday Trend - Help for Bad Hair Days

men's hat collageI don't have a hat head. Some people are just so cute in baseball caps and fedoras and what-nots. I am not one of those people. In fact, it's been commented that I looked like a boy. Well, I was wearing baggy sweats at the time; it was college, who has time to be cute? With the weather cooling off, the hats are coming out. Today's trend - make a bold fashion statement with one of these fab head coverings.

For the menfolk; check out these Goorin's Brothers finds. the Dirty Larry canvas fedora with has a printed pistol and custom fit sweatband. Not every man can pull off this cotton floral printed Provence Floral fedora, but it so works if you can. The Bradley argyle knit front baseball cap is preppy and cool. It's business in the front, party in the back - the Bruiser has embroidered ear flaps.women's hat collage

This is for my ladies; go retro with humblebumble's Fascinator in moss green with shell, or channel a mod Jackie O with their pill box hat in blue faux leopard. Beanies were all over the Fall 2008 runway; this Thomas Wylde Cashmere Spider Cap has tiny crystal rhinestones that create the spider pattern. Flu Ear's wool cloche has a faceted resin stone for a little glam.

Real Party - Girls' Night Out Dessert Party

Nothing says the sweet life like an indulgent Just Desserts Party. I just hosted one this weekend. One day off the diet won’t kill you…
I downloaded these print-and-mail invitations from Real, and just filled in the details.

A palette of pinks and browns set a perfect scene. Have small, tight bouquets of your favorite pink flower in low glasses or silver vases. I used pink and red carnations. The empty baby wipes container was for entering a drawing for a hand-painted martini glass, that I, wait for it, painted by hand.

Pink paper cupcake liners can turn an ordinary strand of white lights into a string of delicate blossoms.

No need for a stuffy tablecloth, instead pretty paper doilies are all you need to set off your dessert stands.dessert table Scored mine from the dollar store. And aren't you loving my striped coasters? They're from Social Couture.

dessert party trufflesHave different kinds of dessert locations: fruits and cheeses in the kitchen, pastries on the dining table and a chocolate fountain at the sideboard. I served store-bought napoleons, strawberry shortcake served in martini glasses, homemade moon pies frosted with powdered sugar, gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, fruit, and a truffle bar.

Check out the amazing truffle recipe I used. I set out bowls of crushed chocolate candies, shredded coconut and powdered sugar for guests to roll their truffles in, then place in parchment-lined candy boxes to take home.dessert party milk bottles

Serve flavored coffees or have a full coffee bar, complete with cream, sugar, cinnamon sticks, vanilla syrup with regular and decaf coffees. We had milk in pretty carafes and sparkling apple cider served in wine glasses.

For an added touch, send guests home with pretty toothbrushes wrapped in clear cellophane, tie the ends with bakery string and a tag that reads: “Sweet Tooth RX”. Or try candy sushi in miniature takeout boxes. I prefer this version that uses donuts and Twinkies instead of Rice-Crispy treats, because those are a pain to make (as if I don't have enough to do already!)

Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine?

You don’t have to be a whiz at entertaining to pull off this sharp looking spread - a Wine and Cheese Party! It's a great fall event, easy to put together and can be as formal or as informal as you please.

Check out this PDF template; This invitation gets the point across without being too tasting invite
Raid your craft store for themed wooden shapes. I found this wine bottle shape at my local Joann's Superstore, and matted it on several coordinating sheets of cardstock. Too easy and fun!

Affix a sticker to the center of a blank cardboard coaster that reads YOUR GLASS HERE, then write party info on the back.

Invite each guest (or couple) to bring a bottle of wine. In general, whites tend to be more fromage-friendly than reds, and for worry-free wines that complement all cheese varieties stick with Riesling and sparkling wines.

Decor Ideas
Delicious appetizers and cubes of cheese are easily eaten with toothpicks. Place a whole lemon or orange here and there for guests to poke used toothpicks in. Make sure and label it too!

Set stacks of coasters, like the one used for the invitations, on tables as informal decorations and charming party favors.

Make a water bath to cool sparkling and white wines quickly. Fill the sink halfway with ice, then add water and a handful of salt.

Create an elegant and edible centerpiece; bundle baguettes in large vases and group bread sticks in drinking glasses.

Place disposable cameras in a bowl with a sign reading SAY CHEESE, so guests can record all the highlights.

blackboard coastersTie different colors of ribbon on wine-glasses for easy wine charms, or check out these blackboard coasters for guests to identify their glasses. How cool are they? I must get me a set!

Create a perfect party play list from warm-up to wind-down music and burn all the tunes in order so you don’t have to man the music.

The Spread
Have three different tools to serve the full range of cheeses: a butter knife for soft cheeses, a paring knife for semi-hard cheeses and a cheese plane for aged and hard wedges.

Assemble a well-balanced cheese plate by choosing one variety from each of the categories below (allow 1/3 to ½ lb total per person). Include at least one familiar cheese, and remove your cheeses from the fridge one hour before serving (cold mutes flavor). Serve with your baguettes and breadsticks, crackers, nuts, olives, and fresh fruit.
-Soft and creamy - Brillat-Savarin, goat cheese, Constant Bliss
-Blue and bold - Stilton, Valdeon, Mountain Gorgonzola
-Semi-hard and smooth - Cheddar, Comte, Gouda
-Aged and rich - Manchego, Mimolette, Parmigiano-Reggiano

Write the name and a description of each type you’re serving on a HELLO, MY NAME IS label attached to a toothpick, then position the cheeses on a marble or wooden board. Or check out this slate cheese board. You can write little notes in chalk next to your cheeses and wipe them off later when all the cheese is gone.

Save those orphaned wine corks for a future party; they make great place holders or dish identifiers by cutting a slit in the top and inserting a place card.

Send Them Home Happy
Cheesecake makes a great end to this savoury meal by adding a touch of sweet. For a twist on the traditional, make mini cheesecakes and set out bowls of toppings (blueberry, strawberry and cherry sauces) for guests to create their own concoctions.

appetizer knivesTie pretty fabric ribbons in a variety of wine-and-cheese inspired colours (think merlot, silver, gold, dark green) around an assortment ornate cheese knives and place them in a wire basket so each guest can help themselves to one when they leave. Check these out from Heritage Glass.

Fiesta Friday - Setting the Scene Outdoors

Halloween outdoor decorThere is always that house on the block every Halloween, tricked out to the nines with gianormous spiders and killer zombies, a graveyard scene with smog rolling across the moors, frightening small children. It's ok, you don't have to reanact the opening scene from "The Addams Family" to get your yard into the spirit. I call on my favorite woman-in-league-with-the-devil to inspire you...

A giant spider weaves an evil web to ensnare unlucky trick-or-treaters. I've made those egg sacks last year, my only problem was using white tights instead of pantyhose. The tights were too thick and didn't stretch down and hang as well.
If you love carving, try any or all of these shapes on this year's pumpkin lantern and making an otherworldly path to your front door. Shroud your entrance in darkness with a Witch's Curtain. If eyes are the window to the soul, then these creepy silhouettes show a souless house.

Over at Better Homes and Gardens, many haunted slideshows await you. Here are a few hightlights....
Halloween outdoor decorScare the pants off passersby with a front yard featuring zombie-like mummies and haunted tombstones. I'm making the tombstones and beetles, I went and got my foam-cutter tool at Michael's (and with a 40% coupon, became a steal!). Hanging a jack-o'-lantern from a shepherd's crook creates an eerie but enticing scene, especially at night, it will look like an disembodied head. Another way to add shadowy webs to your front windows, this time with black yarn. A double-car garage door serves as a blank canvas upon which you can place a multitude of Halloween images.

A Little Pillow Talk

Inspired by my Scrabble pillow discovery, and my own love of pillows, today's post is a little pillow talk. Pillows are one of the easiest ways to change the look of a room. To make sure you don't go overboard with prints and crazy patterns, pick one or two of your favorite designs and add them in with a few neutral pillows.

No one puts Baby in the corner

time out spotI had a play date this past week, with a very hip friend (who will remain nameless, but we'll call her V) who has 2 boys, 2 and 4. Of course, during the course of play, someone inevitable gets in trouble (and for once, it wasn't mine). V promptly went over to the couch and from underneath pulled out a time-out mat, and put it in the kitchen and put the 2 year old right on it. I was intrigued, after all, my boys put their noses against the wall. I've seen chairs in corners, bodies in corners, but alas, not a mat. And a commercial mat! And she swears by this mat, and I agree, because they could do whatever they wanted, they just couldn't be off the mat. Sit, kneel, stand, whatever. She has the blue one pictured, and has been using it with her 4 year old since he was little, and now the torch was passed. Of course, the little one kept putting a foot off the mat, and V corrected him, and pretty much ignored him after that. Mine just sat and stared.

I guess my consequences are a little archaic (read: cheap, because y'all know I'm not paying $26 for a time-out mat, especially if I can get a dollar store mat that could do the same thing!), like filling a big bowl with river rocks (go Michael's!), and use a spoon to take one rock at a time up a flight of stairs to fill a second bowl. That is actually a variation on my husband's idea of carrying large rocks. I feared broken toes. The rock thing has actually worked, it's fun for like the first 5 rocks or so, then tedium and boredom set in. It took him about an hour, but he kept slowing down, soon, he was just crawling up the stairs. We've only had to do it twice, so mission accomplished!

Real Party - Trailer Park Pride Potluck Party

So, this past Saturday, my dear friend J let me throw her a potluck (birthday, because she doesn't like the word) party. I've been trying to do this theme for years. She lives in a trailer park, but she owns her own place and is darn proud of it.

When I visited her one day, she had a washer in her front yard, and I knew I had to do a party because I envisioned it full of ice and cheap beer. Then the imagination kept running wild. Stuffed dog tied to the tree, a clothes line or two running across the porch, you get the picture. As much as she loved the idea, I couldn't get her to actually do it, so finally I agreed to have it at my place. It takes alot of work to make my place look cheap, but with a little help I was able, in her exact words " Make her feel right at home".

We used Evite, and requested that people bring tuna casserole, marshmellow-jello salad, mac and cheese with hot dogs cut up, and cheap beer. I would provide ambience, beverages and dessert. But I'm getting ahead of myself, lets start with the decor.

I covered my couches with bedsheets that I scored at Goodwill, and my own beach towels and pillows. One couch even has a pile of laundry, that I apologize to my guests, I forgot to take out the underwear. I pulled out all the power tools, WD-40, duct tape and car cleaning products we had. All of my seasonal pillows came out, some Easter, some Christmas. I was saving all of hubby's beer bottles for that special something, putting some fake flowers in some of them, clean (outgrown) kid underwear just about everywhere.Trailer Park Pride PartyAs you can see, I spared no expense, from the papered windows to driving my friend's old school van up on the lawn and dragging out all the stuff my husband was supposed to get rid of months ago. Everyone thought the underwear and beer bottles in the bushes was the touch that meant so much.Trailer Park Pride Party foodBroozer and Propurty of Broozer (it actually says that on the back of their vests!) Lots of chili with cheese slices melted on top, hot dogs, Kool-Aid and I'm not sure who brought the tub of Cool-Whip or why. There are fast-food napkins and sporks on the table, and of course cupcakes. The pink one is special. Pruperty of the birthday girl.The best part were the get-ups, they brought tears to my eyes, we were all laughing so hard. I wanted to be classy, channeling Peg Bundy a la Married With Children (one of my favoritest shows EVER!)The birthday girl. My kiddo, rocking his dad's shirt. She takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. Our little friend diggin' in his butt...priceless!

Tuesday Trend - Haute Sweaters

The season is changing, time to start packing away the T-shirts and bringing out the sweaters. The weather in our little corner of Washington has a tendency to change abruptly during the season. Just when the sweaters are getting pulled out, the sun teases you with last minute heat. So, today's inspiration are cozy outdoor favorites for your little fashion plate that are just right for the coming cool' sweater collage

Appaman's pink peacock henley dress and long sleeved bulldog tee are very stylish and unique.

Garnet Hill's rollneck sweater collection works for girls and boys.

Bold colors zig and zag together on this fun sweater poncho from The Children's Place

kids'giraffe sweater What little girl wouldn't love Glug's fuschia giraffe long-sleeved T?

kids' hoodie sweater collage

Hatley's alien hooded pullover is out of this world!

This Inca pullover is part of Tea Collection's seasonal showcase region this winter.

Go buggy with Patagonia Kids Baby Synchilla cardigan

Your little girl will stand out from the crowd in this colorful Hurley hoodie.

Tuesday Tip - Twice as Nice

We've been learning about the three R's - reduce, reuse, recycle - for years now, and sadly, it is finally chic enought that everyone is doing it. But better late than never right?

The future lies in the kids, so tap into the wonderful creativity of childhood and turn your recyclables into wondrous works of art or tools or toys. You'll be surprised what your kids will play with. When we visit great-grandma, she's always saving those cardboard oatmeal cylinders, plastic butter tubs and shoeboxes for the boys to make instruments and building blocks out of. She strings large rubber bands across the tops, and voila, guitars are born. Lids added make for drums, that they play with for hours. She'll cut holes out of the sides of boxes, and they become space-ships, super hero strongholds, and cars. Those plastic butter tubs in various sizes make great sorting and stacking toys, not to mention perfect storage containers.

If you buy your detergent in bottles, recycle the bottle, but hang onto the measuring cups. They can be used for sand toys and holding small items like crayons. They also make great stamps for little hands to hold. Cut up old sponges into shapes like stars and circles, and glue them to the back of the cups using water-insoluable adhesive (so the sponges don't come off when you wash them off).

The next time you purchase a large appliance, hang onto any big Styrofoam pieces. It can be carved up and painted into a sculpture. Make sure you, not the kids, are doing the cutting, you'll need a sharp blade if you don't want a thousand little pieces floating around.

Make necklaces and bracelets by stringing packing peanuts on yard or string with a blunt yard needle, then paint each "bead" with non-toxic tempera paint mixed with a small amount of dish-washing liquid. This allows the paint to stick to the slick surface of the peanuts.

If you are looking for great recycling project ideas, look no further that your local children's museum. Ours is the "Recycling King", when it comes to using recyclables for art projects. We've made mobiles from old CDs, wire hangers and yarn; built rockets out of take-out boxes and paper towel tubes; made collages from melting shaved crayons between wax paper; done papier-mâché with newspapers and milk-gallon jugs; made buttons from the lids of frozen-juice cans; I could go on and on.

Some More Wall Candy

Wall Candy Collage

I found more yummy wall decor (since this post) that I know you'll love...Not quite sure what or how they did this wall, but that's the beauty of it over at Hanna Nyman. How ingenious is the MagScapes series! They are the creator of the world's first magnet-receptive wallpaper. First you choose your paper design, then select a magnet set. You can totally mix and match your MagScapes. The fanciful designs Walnut Wallpaper; Little Whales and Koi.

Sex and the City Party

So, Sex and the City is coming out on DVD tomorrow, yeah!! Get the gals and the cosmos together and have a real girls night in with a DVD-viewing party. To catch everyone up, rent the last season of SATC and turn the night into a marathon before the grand unveiling.

Get the Buzz Going
Channel your inner Charlotte and send a proper invite. This invite by Creations By Leslie is accentuated by glitter. Then again, Samantha was all about the guest list. If you want to go the easy (and eco-chic) route, send an Evite. You can manage who’s coming with just one click. And look at that, they have their own SATC Evite. Invite guests to dress like their favorite character, and it doesn't have to be one of the fab four.

Duh! Anything pink!
As if you had to ask how to decorate. Pink feather boas, pink roses in clear vases, pink balloons, SATC posters, pink get the picture. Need more? Check out Social Couture's zebra-inspired Girls' Night Out. zebra inspired tabletop

Give that Cosmo a Makeover!
Although the girls love their signature Cosmo, mix it up and serve up sexy Flirtinis. True fans know they made an appearance on the show. After some cat-fighting with her neighborhood trannies, Samantha invites everyone over for a roof party. Destiny creates a new drink as a peace offering, and thus the Flirtini was born. There are many different versions, and the HBO posted version is a little complicated, but this one works just great!
1 oz. Vodka
2 oz. Champagne
2 oz. Pineapple Juice
Combine in a highball or Collins glass filled with ice.

Or check out this quartet of cocktails named after each gal, created by SKYY vodka at Drink of the Week.

Even skinny girls eat
Amazingly, a lot of eating was featured, and yet everyone looked amazing. As with the drinks, take cues from the show for what to serve. For example, set up a buffet of Chinese takeout a la Miranda, Sunday brunch items, New York style pizza and hot dogs, and of course cupcakes.

girly cookiesSwag
NY gals hit the parties to be seen, but also for the goodies they take home. Glam goodie bags for each guest add a splashy touch. Fill up small Chinese take out boxes with with lip gloss, nail polish, mani/pedi tools, condoms, and mini vodka bottles. Or send everyone home with these amazing cookies from 1 Smart Cookie.

Hallmark's Evil Twin

Ever wondered what would happen if Hallmark had cards and stationery that really say how you feel? For those bad days when, just for a second, you could go postal? Here are some too-funny ones that fit the bill. Kitty, I don't know what you're doing but it's not right! Supermarket's Stabby Cat. Offensive + Delightful has a full line of birthday, baby, and holiday cards. I did it all for the nooky...and yes, you are. A spoonful of bitterness makes the medicine go down...Bitter Barren Spinster Store of Wonder and Knowledge. Pretty Bitter's Man Notes - I'll Be Brief and Dirty Doillies. For the gal-pal who has been 25 for the past 6 birthdays. Your to-do list. I love Etsy Greetings' typewriter card.

Fiesta Friday - Halloween Costumes

Halloween 2006Probably the best part about Halloween is dressing up. People seem to lose their inhibitions (and shame) when it comes to choosing a costume. Whether you plan on purchasing or making your costume this year, over-the-top is always best. The possiblilites are endless...from hot movie blockbusters to classic monsters. If you are having or attending a themed party, of course your costume should reflect that. To help you out, here are a few lists of ideas to get your noggin going....and for pete's sake, enough with the sexy /witch/nurse/cop/referee/teacher costumes. I did the French Maid costume one year, and spent the whole night trying to keep things from falling out or riding up. That's one personal request we'll be skipping.

Political Figures - Always at the top of the list during an election year. They are the easiest because they only involve a mask and a suit for both men and women.

Summer Blockbusters - Indiana Jones, Iron Man, The Dark Knight, Wall-E, The Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian, Star Wars - The Clone Wars,

Couple Ideas - Adam and Eve, Superman and Wonder Woman, Bonnie and Clyde, Bamm-Bamm and Pebbles, Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood, Batman and Cat Woman, Christmas Tree and Present, Hot Cowboy and Sexy Indian, Danny and Sandy from Grease, Hans Solo and Princess Leia, Regis and Kelly

Group Ideas - Last year we saw the greatest group costume. Dad was a train conductor and the rest of the family were train cars made from large cardboard boxes and painted. Mom was the locomotive and the 2 kids were boxcars and the littlest was a caboose. He was in a wagon being pulled by another child. Another set we saw was a family of pirates. Obviously, Pirates of the Caribbean was hot last year, but they really went all out. Other great ideas: characters from Alice in Wonderland, The Beverly Hillbillies, Charlie's Angels, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Deal or No Deal, Lord of the Rings. Check out for a great slideshow on making group costumes

And speaking of making your own....I can't sew. I've learned that from the Wolf-Costume-Fiasco of 2007 that my husband still messes with me about. So I know nothing about making my own costumes. However, Our Lady of All Things Handmade knows a thing or two. Check out Week 1 Costumes from her Halloween Workshop 2008; eight weeks of step-by-step countdown to Halloween. I wait with bated breath.

Works of Cookie Art

For your next get-together, wow your guests with one of these fabulous confections. I see them as a way to shamelessly impress your boss, one-up your Martha wannabe, or treat a special friend. A cookie in a clear cellophane bag with a pretty ribbon makes a perfect party favor.
Obama cookiesFruit and veggie cookies
Check out these treats from Eleni's Cookies. No election party would be complete without Obama cookies. The sweetest way to get your daily dose of veggies.

recital cookiesZodiac sign cookiesZodiac cookies hand decorated in the earth colors of my sign,Taurus.

baseball cookiegolf cookieFor the sports fanatic - Beau-coup's cookies.

shoe and shower cookies

Whether you are a kicks-kind-of-gal or a fashionista, Flour Pot Cookies have you covered. Pink Cake Box has perfect baby and wedding shower cookies. The baby shower cookie matches the cake!

Fiesta Friday (on a Wednesday) - Mind your Ps and Qs - A Scrabble Party

So, I can't help it, I get inspired by something and I just can't wait. Since Fridays are Halloween, I guess I'll just have to post random parties now.

I found these amazing pillows over at Stephen Reed Designs and they started screaming "SCRABBLE PARTY!!!"

Two to four players can play Scrabble, making this a perfect pastime for two couples or four friends. Of course, you can always invite six to eight players and get two games going.

To set the "write mood", make invitations by printing out word lists provided by Scrabble. Or check out this invitation from DIY Network.

Start the competition early by making paper scrabble tiles and enclosing them in the invitations. Instruct your guests to put together the highest scoring word they can using the lettersScrabble table you've included with their invitation.

Let them know there will be a special prize for the person with the highest scoring word. Send everyone the same letters or randomly select 7 or 8 letters per person and be sure to include at least one vowel.

Greet guests by creating this Scrabble mat for your entryway.

Don't just set out the usual chips and salsa. Have easy-to-hold appetizers like mini grilled cheese sandwiches and pigs-in-a-blanket.

Your signature cocktail; Player's Punch - 6 cups cranberry juice, 3 cups orange juice, 3 cups vodka, 3 tbsp sugar, and 1 1/2 tsp. pumpkin pie spice. Combine all in a large pitcher for at least 2 hours, then serve into ice-filled highball glasses with orange wheel garnishes. Recipe and photos courtesy of InStyle Parties.

Lots of big comfortable pillows around your coffee table is a must. For an eye-catching tabletop bouquet, arrange your favorite red flower in a small square glass vase and nestle that into a large square glass vase. Fill the space between the vases with dice or poker chips. You could also scatter a few game pieces across your buffet table.

Scrabble cake and cupcakesOf course I had to show these marvelous cupcakes and cookies from Pink Cake was for a Scrabble-themed wedding.

Tuesday Trend - A Vote for Fashion

political fashion statementsWith the presidential campaign in full swing, here are some stylish ways to support McCain, Obama, or just the fabulousness of voting in general.

-Rap the Vote with this tee from Sociology.
-Show Republican pride with this McCainiac tee.
Make the White House more fashionable.
-Rock this Karen Zambos Vintage Couture tank dress with simple sandals and lots of bangles.
-15% of the net profits of Mauri Pioppo's sterling silver necklace sales are donated to The Creative Coalition, which mobilizes leaders in the arts community on issues of public importance.
-Need this bag say more?
-33% of profits from purchases of this Palin canvas bag will be donated to the National Federation of Republican Women.
-For those who like to kick it old school (and afford the $500 price tag) - Van Taylor's Obama custom Air Force Ones
-Let the piggies do some talking with Trendy Kid's party shoes.
-Right or left? Guaranteed to get the conversation started with these steak branding irons at your next cookout.
-Your four-legged friends can show their support as well. Check out Pets Vote by Psychedelic Fur and cast a vote for Bark Obama or McCanine, as well as scooping up a doggy tee or bandana. A portion of all proceeds benefit North Shore Animal League America.

Package Life's Moments

Garnish packagingThat's the tagline of my new favorite place, Garnish. We have the same philosophy; the difference between special and spectacular is the little details. The devil's in the details, I always say. I just love the simplicity, the clean look, the twine. They have great party tips of course, a party package, so to speak, showcasing the products, but I like how everything can be ordered all together. I can't wait to order something....I'll be posting about it in no time. So I'll leave you with this montage...

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