Chic Cookies

Chic Cookie kit collageLove the look of decorated, designer cookies, but not the designer prices? (Oh, I feel an infomercial coming on...) Check out Chic Cookies, who simplifies the art of cookie decorating by confining all the hard-to-find supplies in one box.

Their kits offer simple, step-by-step instructions. Each full-sized kit contains 2 to 3 themed cookie cutters, 6 frosting bags, 6 decorating tips, 6 couplers, 6 rubber bands, 1 cookie scraper and 5 bottles of chef's quality gel paste coloring. Not only that, they include printed materials: "the guidebook" (a guide with recipes, tips on making frosting colors and bags, a color chart and decorating techniques), "the specifics" (one-page photograph cards with instructions for decorating your themed cookies), and "the short version: an at-a-glance guide" (a one-page summary card).

Wouldn't the Don't Bug Me or Coming Up Daises kits be perfect for your next springtime event? Whip up a batch and wow guests with your culinary expertise. Set out unfrosted cookies and let kids go wild with decorating them. Create a cookie as a placecard/party favor for your soiree. With lots of fun themes to choose from, all I can say is Sham-WOW...oh sorry, drifted into another commercial.