Fiesta Friday/Real Party - Tutus and Twirls

Last weekend, we had the ballerina party for my client's 5 year old, K. Mama got all her money's worth, because I could hardly snap any pictures, I was so busy! After all, it was a rainy day and keeping 12 kids ranging from 3 to 8 years old busy is hard work! Tutus and Twirls craft tableHere is the first set up for the crafts; you can't see them, but hanging over head a row of Martha's fancy paper flowers in red and pink.

My signature - a craft at the beginning of any party! I don't care how old my guests are, they will be making something. I painted wooden star wands gold and wrapped the dowels with ribbon for the girls, and foam crowns for the boys. Guests were free to decorate with sequins, foamies, stickers, the works! Then I tied the ribbons of her choice on the wands. I've discovered the more options you give kids, they have more fun, and keeps them more engaged. Oh, another tip, I poured glue into the plates and they used Q-tips to glue on their designs. Genius? Oh yes, it was perfect.
Tutus and Twirls wand decoratingThe first guests have arrived....

Tutus and Twirls crown decorating An extra guest works on a crown instead; which is why I always plan a few extras of everything.

While they waited for their wands/crows to dry, they played a rousing game of Duck Duck Goose, while I changed over the table and put up the ballerina centerpiece, (yes, she is an artist's Mannekin), I made her a little tutu with ribbon and pink tulle, and a sequin tiara. At each setting was a napkin tied with their initial, and their clay pot prince/ballerina. And man, were they sturdy! The little ones kept clanking them on the table, and I was just waiting for the inevitable head flying off. But nothing moved, not a pom-pom, and not one sequin came off! Go hot glue!!

They came back, found their seats and we moved on to making edible bracelets from raspberry licorice, Fruit Loops and assorted gummy rings. They LOVED it, and couldn't wait to eat them.Tutus and Twirls candy braceletsNo sooner were they done with that, it was on to decorating cupcakes. Another tip, set out bowls of frosting, sprinkles, and candies, wooden craft sticks to spread the frosting and let them at 'em. Once again, another way to keep them engaged, although the traffic pile-up at the counter was a little hectic. Organized chaos is what I like to call it.
Before you know it, we were singing Happy Birthday, opening presents and dispensing goody bags. Mama found really cute ballerina-slipper ornaments to tie the bags with, and she filled them with ballerina stickers and other goodies.Tutus and Twirls decorating cupcakesIt was a perfect party, and K loved every minute of it, and isn't that what it's all about?

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