There's A Party Goin' On Right He-ya

A special welcome to my fellow bloggers who have come over for the Ultimate Blog Party 2009! No fancy video or music, don't have the skills for that. However, I do have a little about myself and my blog, which is about all things event planning, lifestyle, and whatever tickles my fancy. Here's a quick rundown of my main goodies....

I have regular features each week; D.O.W. (Drink of the Week) Sunday where I find amazing drink recipes and share with ya'll, some for my lushes, some for my teetotalers. Tuesday Tip/Trend is a helpful tip or fabulous trend you just must know about. Fiesta Friday is an inspiration piece that helps to create an awesome soiree.

As an event planner, I'm always on the lookout for my next party inspiration, and of course I must share them with you. My Real Parties/Weddings are about fab celebrations that I've thrown, been to, or wish I was there. My Color Parties/Weddings are great inspiration boards centered on a color/combo.

Check out my blogroll, talk about getting the party job done...I sit at their feet! And The Gospels are my event planner bibles, I own most of them, and highly recommend them all! Psst...check them out from the library if you are a little cash-strapped...I've found all of mine there first.

I love to find unique products, or if someone/thing is just too cool for school, you'll find an entire post about them under Shameless Promotion. Or something amazing that I'm tooting my own horn about. Yes, I'm that shameless.

Ok, enough's the good stuff...a plethora of my favorite parties for you to peruse and enjoy...starting with my own of course! P.S. come back for this week's Fiesta Friday, I'll have a wrapup of my Down On The Farm Party for H's 1st birthday!

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