Tuesday (Threefer) Tip - Milk and Cookies Applique, Design Mom and Snuggle Creme coupon

Milk and Cookies felt appliquesAw, a super cute milk and cookie felt patch tutorial at Chic Cookies, too sweet to pass up. And it's a no-sew, that's my kind of embellishment!Peek clothing collageAnd since I know you all love the freebies, I have two for you today. Design Mom is feeling inspired this week with a $300 shopping spree to Peek, Aren't You Curious. I'm all ready for spring; I've already picked out two outfits for the boys, although we are no where near shorts weather out here in the Seattle area.

Check out my left-hand column. I have a new widget from the people at Snuggle; a two dollar coupon for Snuggle Creme fabric softener. It is a new product that adds two luxurious aromas to laundry time while softening your clothes. If anyone tries it out, let me know. I can't use anything with scent in our wash; between my son's allergies and my husband's mystery skin problems they are a dermatologist's dream.

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