Tuesday Trend - Home Entertaining

More people are staying home and inviting guests over for an evening of fun. With a little planning, any budget can be accommodated.

Game Night
Remember those days of sitting around a board game with a few friends and munchies? There are so many new games you could actually start your own Game Night and take turn hosting. Have guests bring their favorite treat to share, and you provide drinks and ambiance. Check out my posts on a Scrabble game night and a poker themed party.

Spa Night
You can still budget in beauty...I myself would rather go hungry than miss my hair appointment and give up my Dermalogica Bar, but that's just me. Why not have a girls' only spa night with homemade treatments? Everyone can bring their favorite polish and flip-flops for a fun night in. Check out my spa shower post for more ideas.

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?
Hosting a small dinner is also fun and gives you a way to show off your creative side and flair for entertaining. It does not matter what the menu is, what matters is the presentation and company. Potlucks have become the rage; go with a fun theme like Mexican Fiesta or an easy-to-set up buffet like a Baked-Potato Bar, and delegate dishes to each guest.

Interesting place settings and centerpieces are excellent ways to give your dinner party a fun or impressive look without spending a lot of money. Break out the fine china and stemware; even pudding with Cool Whip looks decadent in a martini glass.

Who Needs Dinner?
Have a dessert party. You can make them yourself or ask each guest to bring a sweet – the choice is yours. (Just make sure to find out what everyone is bringing, or you will have 10 trays of chocolate chip cookies). Then, add in a pot of coffee, and you've got the perfect frugal get-together.

My dessert party inspired a friend to do the same...super-simple (read: less ingredients, less money) recipes are the key.

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