Fiesta Friday - Leggo my LEGO

LEGOville Party PackWith boys, I'm knee-deep in them...from the tiny Star Wars pieces that I'm stepping on constantly, to the regular sized ones they are always forming weapons of mass destruction with. So, I'll stop fighting it and join the many moms out there who embrace it and plan a party around them.

Setting the Scene
Don't you just love Birthday Express? Check out their LEGOville party pack.

Primary colors everywhere! Balloons, streamers, tableware...

Have your child build a LEGO set for a table centerpiece.

Create large blocks by painting large boxes bright colors. Use colored cups and cut off them about 2″ from the top so that only the bottoms are left. Glue the bottoms to the boxes to make them look like LEGOS.

What To Do
Free play with LEGOS of course. Oh, need more? Dump a bunch of LEGOs on the floor, then time guests to see who can build the tallest structure in two minutes.

Guess how many LEGOs are in a jar; winner takes all.

Pin the LEGO on the...LEGO. Create a landscape with an integral piece missing, like a boat's deep-sea diver or a castle's flag, and, with eyes closed, kids must take turns trying to place it in the right spot.

The Munchies
Make a LEGO pizza! Make rectangular cheese pizzas and top with pepperoni to make it look like the top of a LEGO piece.
Lego food item collageCheck out this plethora of products from to create your own treats....brick cake/Jell-O mold, minifigure popsicle mold, cookie cutters and a rolling cookie cutter.

LEGO cupcakesInspired LEGO cupcakes by Hello Naomi.

If you can't beat them, join them; a too cool party from Creative Holiday Gift Ideas....don't you just love her goody bags and cake?

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