Fiesta Friday - (Save The) Earth Day

Twizzler stick straws and flower placecardDoesn't the thought of having a party for Earth Day seem contradictory? Aren't parties like the number 2 reason that landfills are overflowing? (Disposable diapers I believe are number 1). Don't fear, there are many ways to have a wonderful party without insane consumption. Check out my previous posts on recycling project ideas, and green party ideas, they have some great party ideas, and here are a few more....

Get The Party Started
Use services like Evite and Purple Trail for online invitations; they have Earth Day themed invites. If you just have to have send paper invites, how about writing party info on paper lunch bags that invitees can reuse?

Setting The Scene
Potted plants and seedlings make great decorations that can be given to guests to take home and plant. Put them in recycled decorated coffee cans, yogurt cups or glass jars.

There are many wonderful CDs featuring relaxing nature music. Check them out for free at your local library.

The Munchies
Dirt cakeMenu ideas should include creating foods that use little to no energy, and using natural foods to celebrate the Earth. Do some BBQing, pasta salads, and dips with cheese, crackers, local fruits and veggies.

Younger guests will love eating dirt cups; line clay pots with foil, fill with chocolate pudding and top with crushed chocoate cookies and gummi worms.

What To Do
Earth Day games are a fun way to reiterate the importance of protecting the environment. Test your guests' knowledge with an Earth Day trivia game. Know how hybrid cars manage to conserve gas? How many tons of waste Americans produce each year? A little pre-party research and you'll have plenty of facts to entertain and spread a little eco-awareness. Check out these quizzes at CNN and Lesruba Designs.

Let guests lend a helping hand to the birds in your area by supplying them with simple nesting materials. All you need to do is fill a onion mesh bag with dried grass, short lengths of yarn and string. They can hang their bag in a location that the birds can safely access, watch them collect, and might even get lucky enough to see a nest in one of their trees.

Plan an outdoor scavenger hunt. Send your guests out to retrieve a list of items found in nature, such as acorns, pine cones, even an earthworm. Add litter to the list and the game doubles as a neighborhood beautification project.

See which guest can turn trash into treasure. Use milk jugs, grocery bags, aluminum cans and other recyclables to create sculptures that can be used as centerpieces.

plantable packets

Send Them Home With A Smile
Send guests home with favors that encourage them to conserve. Send home energy-efficient light bulbs or these favors, made from 100% post-consumer waste and embedded with wildflower seeds, recycle themselves by growing wildflowers right of the paper.

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