Smart-Mouth Children Grow Up To Be Smart-Mouth Reality Stars...Really!

I haven't ranted and raved in awhile, I've been so happy with my party-planning stuff, I haven't had time to think about randomness.

So, I'm shopping the other day in Safeway with the boy, looking for his snack for school. Now, let me preface this with saying I'm not a perfect mom, never claimed to be; I figured the first one might not turn out so hot, so I'll do better with the second kid, and learn from my mistakes. My kids KNOW however where and when to cross the line. Out in public is not, because heaven help them when we get home.

This one particular child, she looked about 8, decided that the world would end if they didn't purchase the High School Musical cereal, and proceeded to let everyone know exactly how she felt about it. I believe it came to a head when she told her mother to "shut up and buy the d*&% cereal already".

Cut to "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" on E! Why do I watch this show? I'm a sadist, and I like to see rich people boo-hoo about their lives. The last installment I watched was Khris (their mom) finalizing Kim's perfume deal, and her two sisters blowing a gasket about taking their name, being more famous than them, having better hair, I don't know. All I know is Khloe (she who went to jail for like 2 hours on a DUI charge and couldn't figure out why she got in trouble in the first place) went gangsta on her mom's ass. I say, thank your lucky stars you have a hot sister who had a sex tape and made you all interesting/pathetic enough to have a reality show, when there are people losing their real jobs. Oh, I'm sorry, dancing on tables, having two boutiques and money from your famous parents isn't a real job. It was the rudest, most pathetic tantrum I'd ever seen, until I saw the same one in Safeway.

Now how much of it is TV you wonder? I'm a grown woman with children and even for a million dollars wouldn't have the cajones to yell at my mom. I did actually get upset with her once when I was a new mom, and let her know. Talk about her turning on Mommy Guilt, it was turned up to MAX POWER. Trust me, never did that again.

I saw the same horrible behavior on "Real Housewives Of The O.C." where the oldest son berated his mother when she came out to watch him play baseball and when she came on the field, told her later she was lucky he didn't hit her with a bat. Now, mind you, her husband wasn't too nice either, but then she proceeded to make excuses. When I saw that episode, I thought I would have knocked my son out 10 ways to Sunday if he ever talked to me like that, whether we were on TV, in the store, or our backyard. But then came the excuses, and much like Kim's mom, this mom in Safeway, conceded to buying the cereal, and actually said "You didn't have to yell, sweetie, I know you are tired".

I'm often complimented on how well-behaved my kids are. That's frightening, because that should be normal behavior. They are supposed to be well-behaved. And it's hard work, they don't roll out of bed saying "please" "thank you" and "Sorry I stepped on your toe". I've done my fair share of shrieking, and they aren't perfect...last week the little one had a breakdown at Gymnastics, and we promptly left, with 20 minutes left in class. Hey moms, here's a tip; if your kid(s) are acting up, leave. Don't torment the rest of us, and try to make it better by giving them a cookie. When my kids hit the wall, peace out, yo. I know my kids, and once that happens because they are tired/pissy/hungry, that was my fault for not reading the signs. Plus, it's a great reminder that MOM is in charge, and I will leave a cart full of groceries/playdate/birthday party/wedding (been there, done them all) if you plan on acting up.

If good behavior is out of the ordinary, I shudder to think what the next generation will turn out like.

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