Tuesday Trend/We Go Wednesday - TuTu Cute!

This weekend we had the pleasure of visiting Snohomish, WA and lo and behold, I found another ADORABLE place to torture myself with, BeBops And Lollipops. They are a children's apparel specialty store with signature tutus for gals of all ages.

The pictures do them no justice, they appear to be made thousands of yards of tulle and intricate detailing, and every color of the rainbow. And her clothes were divine; alas, my boys aged out of her selections, the highest appeared to be a 5T. I wept openly as my ovaries screamed at me to try one more time, we might get a girl this time. Sigh.

There are actually 3 businesses in this small blue house; Inside Out, a country decor shop, Heather Lynn Photographie (yes, that is how they spelled it), and up the narrowest stairs you've ever seen is Bee Bops and Lollipops, taking up two small bedrooms and a closet. There were like 5 of us up there, and we literally had to take turns moving around.

Did you know there are an unending plethora of businesses that do ballerina parties with dress up tutus and real ballerinas to teach your prima donnas dances? That's another post for another day. So check out these amazing sites...shush ovaries, no babies for you!
1. Tutu Couture
2. Hannah's Tutus
3. Fairy Wonderful
4. Tutus and Tadpoles

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