Fiesta Friday (On A Monday) - Mother's Day/Night Out Pizza Party

Girl's Night Out Pizza PartyAfter your Mother's Day Brunch, all the gifts, flowers and handmade cuteness from your kids, get your closest gals for dinner; a grown-up pizza and martini-making party!

The May issue of Martha Stewart Living has an amazing article, with pizza dough pointers and great topping combo ideas, and of course lots of yummy photos and menu ideas.

Break out your favorite dough recipe like Martha's, or pick up dough from your favorite grocer.

Set up a buffet with lots of fresh veggies, meats and a variety of cheeses. And don't fall back on the standards...try goat cheese, Monterey Jack, feta or provolone. Set up broccoli, artichoke hearts, eggplant, shredded carrots, cilantro, fresh ginger and bean sprouts. Italian sausage, chicken and shrimp are some options to go along with pepperoni. Check out these zucchini and basil and sausage and carmelized onion pizza recipes from Williams-Sonoma. And how decadent is Bon Appetit's version with rosemary and pine nut toppings?

While the pizzas are baking, get the libations flowing. Try Stirrings' Ruby Slipper, or a variation on a Mangotini, what I like to call the Mama Mango; 2 parts Mango Mixer, 1 part vodka, 1 part triple sec and garnished with a mango slice. Oh yeah, had both of these at our martini party, YUM-O! More on that in a later post.

Impress them with decadent Tiramisu Affogato for dessert; it only looks complicated. Or try this old-fashioned no-bake cake has just three components: store-bought cookies, homemade mint whipped cream, and chocolate chips.

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