Go Shawty, It's Your Birthday....

Mother's Day kid collageToday's my 35th birthday (how did THAT happen???) and it's been an awesome start so far. With Mother's Day yesterday, I spent the weekend celebrating it as a combo pack at a wonderful resort and spa in Oregon. Where you say? Come back for We Go Wednesday and I'll tell you all about it!

With the wonderful Mother's Day Tea and Muffins for Mom through both boys' schools last week (aren't they cute?), I've been feeling very special lately. Having lunch with a friend today, eye exam, hot girls' night out tonight, the party keeps on rollin'.

PLUS, I can't say I don't win stuff because I'm butter....I've been on a roll lately (ba-dum bump). A perfect gift; I just slogged through all the emails built up in the inbox and I won the Favor Affair giveaway at Divine Party Concepts. Oh, yes, I'm all over these damask tealight holders, yes I am! And back in March that I totally forgot to send shout outs about, I won one of the invitation giveaways at Invitation Consultants at Little Shindigs. Gotta get a party going on that ASAP.