Fiesta Friday/Real Parties - Martini and Firefighter Birthday Parties

Martini party tableLast weekend we celebrated C's 30th birthday in true lush style when I had one of my "famous" martini parties for her. She is gluten-intolerant but the beauty of it is, she can still drink alcohol, so it worked out perfectly! :)

Sorry about the paper chains, Daddy is coming home soon and it's our way of counting down by removing a link each day. I decided to use my oversized martini glasses to hold fruit this time around. I purchased a fondue pot from Jo-Ann's (40% coupon of course) because my cursed chocolate fountain acted up at the last party and I didn't want to risk it. I could do a whole post ranting about that piece of @#% fountain, but I'm a lady and I won't name names. Unless someone asks, I'll be more than happy to do so.

Take a closer look at the martini glass charms. I did a post on the beer-band version, and when I saw the stemed-glass version, I had to have them. Mine are similar to these, except they say cooler stuff like "Tipsy" and "More Please". Plus, I'll be adding a set to my Stirrings giveaway. (See how I worked that in again?) Hey, notice the Stirrings mixers and rimmers? Wouldn't it be awesome if they sent me a fab box of samples to try or maybe give away, so I could stop mentioning them every chance I get? That would be cool.

Every girl needs her own martini glass, so my gift to her is the cool stemless one she is holding .

A martini virgin hard at work, while the more experienced look on. She even did some muddling!
Firefighter party treat boxesMy littlest one turns 5(!!!) on Fourth of July, and we had his birthday party on Wednesday. We had a fire station tour then back to our house. I couldn't have a gaggle of kids there (or at my house, my head would explode), so siblings were not an option, which would be the case with a weekday party with school getting out next week. I've always had his parties during the week since he's been a preschooler, but that will all end next birthday since he starts KINDERGARTEN!!!! in the fall.

So, here is a sneak peek of the treat boxes, I scored pretty much all the party stuff on clearance at Party City, and I'll have a full party write-up next week. Yes, the extinguisher is a pencil sharpener, and I scored the Dalmatian suckers and firefighter cows from Oriental Trading.

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