Fiesta Friday/Real Party - Stop, Drop & Roll!!

Stop Drop and Roll party doorLast week was the little one's 5th birthday party, and he is all about firefighters. Previous party obsessions included Blue's Clues, Spiderman and Thomas The Tank Engine, so I was a little relieved we went non-commercial this time around. First stop, a tour of one of our fire stations, Number 66.

They were able to see where the firefighters hang out when they are not putting out fires, the cool call center and the best part, a close-up of a fire truck. Our guide completely suited up so the kids could see even though he was in all his gear, he's still a firefighter and there to station tour 1fire station tour 2fire station tour 3Next, back to our house for more you can see, the front door got the party started!!firefighter party painting truck funfire truck paintingfirefighter party painting toy truckWhile I put lunch together, the kids played for a little, watched "Rescue Heroes" and painted wooden fire trucks, a score from Michael's, only a buck apiece!Firefighter party window backdropFirefighter party windowfirefighter party cupcakesfiretruck party cupcakesfirefighter party table toysfirefighter party cupsWe had a chili dog bar and BBQ chips, along with watermelon, red grapes, carrots and fruit and orange food of course.firetruck party lunchAfter lunch, we had a firefighters' training course; all the kids suited up and went through four stations - putting out a "fire", Stop Drop and Roll, agility test through the tires, and safely crawling through a "fire".Firefighter party junior firefighterFirefighter party relay 1Firefighter party relay 2Firefighter party relay 3Firefighter party relay 4After the relay, it was time for cupcakes and chocolate chip ice-cream (looks like a Dalmatian, right?). And talk about the loot! The fire station gave them each a plastic firefighter helmet, and a bag full of fire safety stuff and a calendar to color.Firefighter party treat boxI sent them home with these cute fire truck boxes with a fire extinguisher pencil sharpener, a sticker sheet, firefighters, a firefighter cow, Dalmatian sucker, and they got another plastic firefighter helmet with their name written on it. Plus, they took home a balloon and the fire truck they painted. And of course, the memories.

I also have a cute foam fire truck kit that I'll be making thank you cards out of, I'll get those done and up sometime soon! Thanks to all our friends who came and made it such an awesome day!!!

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