Real Party Sneak Peek - Video Arcade Party

So the social butterfly that is my soon-to-be 8-year old is having his party at a local arcade. I haven't had a party for him at our house since he was 4, and became hot-stuff on the preschool circuit. He has too many friends, thus parties that are everywhere but our house. So, since I can only do so much in decor, I'm really going to focus on the details; here's a peek at our invites....and yes, they do look like XBOX controllers...I did that on purpose.:)Arcade party inviteArcade party invite 2
We'll be rotating through 4 stations; XBOX, Wii, computers and the token craft, a Make-A-Mii bookmark...Arcade party bookmarkYup, scored the kit from Michael's. We'll also be doing a second craft, something with the 1-Up mushrooms from Mario. I'm also inspired to make some kind of Pokemon power balls (Pokeballs to the hip), and got my hands on the Wii Remote candy dispensers. Arg! Sharing too much, you'll have to just keep an eye out for the full write-up...

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