Tuesday Tip - Sandbox Box/Fresh Air Fund Part II

STOP!!! Before you go out and purchase a fancy-schmancy sandbox or some overpriced sand/water table, (who wants to see all the sand in the water section? Been there, done that.) here's a tip I stole from my friend C, and my kids couldn't be happier. Long, flat storage bin from Wal-mart, $7. Bag of play sand from Wal-mart, $3. Enduring Wal-mart to have kids play for hours and give me some peace of mind, priceless.

According to my other friend R, she says it's ghetto. Go ahead, cough up $50 for the green turtle sandbox, and what are you going to do with it once they outgrow it? Watch it die a slow death (along with your grass) in the backyard? Ha! Not moi. I'll have one more bin to add to the thousands that line my garage and Tuffshed.

And speaking of the outdoors, remember The Fresh Air Fund I blogged about a few months ago? Right now, any gift you make will be matched dollar for dollar by a group of generous donors. If you can give $25, that means $50 for inner-city children. But you must make your donation by June 30th to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Come on y'all, it's for the children!

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