Where Has The Time Gone?


It just dawned on me that my blogoversary has crept up on me next Wednesday!!!! It's been a crazy year of parties, celebrity ranting and my continuing resentment of Wal-mart, Crocs and bad manners. And somewhere in there, I still held on to my not-just-a-mommy status....barely, since I STILL have to announce myself as "Dawn, Jaden's mommy...from preschool?"

Nope, don't have the time to make up some fancy button, shamelessly announcing my blog's birth for all the world to see. Instead, I've figured out another way to make it all about me. How? By giving away something cool in return for your adoration, especially for those of you who are my dear and loyal followers and tune in faithfully to see what craziness pops out of my head next. Notice the hint about followers...more on that later.

I've decided in the spirit of partying to give away a "Party In A Box" that will include a Stirrings mixer and a matching rimmer. What flavor? Um, don't know yet. What else is in the party pack? Errr...not sure what all will be in there, but check back on Friday, I'll be mentioning one of the other items that will be included. But rest assured, it will have fab essentials no party can do without. You're getting a box of free stuff, isn't that enough?

So, in order to enter, you'll need to peek around this past fabulous year of over 355 posts (don't worry, you have a week, plenty of time) and comment here on your fave. Maybe one of my real parties, or perhaps an inspirational board? My obsession with Trophy Cupcakes, or the lunacy of celebrities? Perhaps a D.O.W. that you just had to try?

Now here's the kicker; this is open only to folks in the U.S. (sorry y'all, overseas shipping will bankrupt me!) and you have to be one of my followers. Hint, hint...you can become a follower and then make a comment. Giveaway will end next Tuesday the 16th at 11:59 p.m. which will give me plenty of time to figure out how to use that random comment generator thingy...winner will be announced on my blogoversary.

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