Fiesta Friday - Macho, Macho Man

Since I have no girls, my parties consist of trucks, police and firemen, superheros etc. I've let it princess parties with glitter wands and sequins. No tulle ribbon and tiaras. No Strawberry Shortcake or My Little Pony or lady bugs or tea parties or fairies or makeup parties. OK, I'm done., I'm done.

These parties have taken it one step further beyond the usual themes, and made "macho man" the jump-off point.
Mr. Man party collageThis mom of twin girls and triplet boys found the time to put together this absolutely creative party complete with tie decorations and chocolate mustaches. She just moved up my hero list! But then again, I can't whine about my two driving me up a wall when they fight over who gets to play with the Playmobil motorcycle, despite living in a house that is wall-to-wall Playmobil.
Indiana Jones partyWho is more manly than Indiana Jones? Check out Four Little Monkeys' creative nod to the explorer in us all, go check out the details, delicious down to the mail-crate piñata.
Sandra Lee Harley partySandra Lee's Harley® Party, is complete with game piece decor, a macho menu of steak and ribs and a motorcycle as guest of honor.

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