Fiesta Friday/Real Party - Wii Are Havin' A Party!

The world's most low-key party occured for my son's 8th birthday last weekend, also a joint party with his friend C at our local arcade...If you recall the invitations and this banner, a delightful pdf find over at Pumpkin Petunia were the most labour intensive parts.

They were all fabulous at taking turns at the Wii, XBOX and pool table stations as well as....
Mario Mushroom magnet
Make a Mii bookmark
Pokemon bags for their crafts also included a Wii remote candy dispenser, glow sticks, gold gum coins and other candy.

Wii thank you postcardThe best part of the day he said was seeing and playing with friends. And I agree, parties don't always have to be over-the-top to be successful...wait, did I just say that?

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