Tuesday Tip - Free Summer Fun

We had the pleasure of attending a wonderful workshop at our local library that introduced us the the wonder we have been missing that is the Home Depot Kids' Workshop. I have heard about it, but never really looked into it, and for sure we will be there. Check out the awesome caddy each boy made! The kits come pre-packaged and everything pre-cut and pre-drilled. My boys nailed, sandpapered, and glued everything together (with a little help). We'll paint them once they are dry. They even get to keep the apron and get a project pin to add to it.

Check out your local Home Depot for upcoming projects; the first Saturday of every month is devoted to this special family time. Think of how proud your kids will be as they amass great projects and an apron full of pins. Oh yeah, all FREE!

Did you know that hundreds of bowling alleys participate in the summer-long Kids Bowl Free program, where 2 kids can play two free games? I know, right?

Betcha didn't know that by flashing your Bank Of America debit, credit or ATM card at participating museums will admit you and your kids for free the first full weekend of every month? And FYI, a lot of museums have free admission days.

And of course you already know about the Regal Cinemas free film festival? And of course, you are all over The Knack, with free craft projects at Michaels? And you know all about the free Apple Camp for your computer-savvy kid? Of course you did. Tried to sign the boy up for both Apple stores we live near. Yeah, been waitlisted since like, forever.

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