Hot Style In The City

What gets me through my days? Waiting for the new cb2 catalog. Running my fingers over the glossy pages that contain nothing pertaining to getting kids to eat their veggies or 10 ways to look thinner. Yes, I subscribe to everything from Cookie to High Five...but my Pottery Barn and cb2 catalogs are for just for me; dreams of full tablesettings, floor lamps,white furniture and bowls full of lit candles.
cb2 urban bedding and pillow collageAnd look what's new in my catalog today, urban decor to spice up your bedroom or bath! Duvets covers and shams of super-soft 300-thread count all-cotton percale.
cb2 pillowArtisans skyscrape hand-tied renewable bamboo sticks into Chicago and New York buildings, while high-rise life with energetic pops of bright yellow dance across your shower curtain.