Making The Ordinary Extraordinary

centerpiece collageA true hostess can make any last-minute event fabulous with just what she has on hand, being chic and green at the same time. Case in point, check out Rachel Ray's centerpiece slideshow.

Fill glass bottles with olive oil and add ingredients like rosemary sprigs, fresh chiles and citrus peel.

Arrange flowers from your garden in a teapot, and give them extra height by standing the pot on a cup.

A perfectly accessorized meal - drape stemmed glasses with necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Pile thick spools of brightly colored ribbon in the center of the table, and top the stacks with small salad plates.

Drop some lemons and limes into clear glasses and vases and top off with water.

Make a striking centerpiece just by reaching into your veggie crisper! Casually tuck kale, rosemary and oregano between heads of leafy cabbage, lettuce and radicchio. Try your own combinations to match your mood or menu. Then disassemble it into a big tossed salad for next night's dinner.

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