Not Just For Eating

cup plate displayCheck out the cleverness discovered at one of my favorite party inspiration places, Display and Costume. From the Admit One ticket table cover to the cup-light garland to the drinking-cup ball so reminiscent of the Sparkleball from a few months ago, I love it all.

I can totally see a banner wall with the plates, with giant cut-out letters on the plates that spell out, well, whatever the occasion; "Happy Birthday" "Welcome Home" "Happy Retirement", etc.
Martha Steawart paper plate cake standMake coordinating cake stands, courtesy of Martha's now-defunct Good Things For Kids magazine. Single-tiered stands can hold light cakes while two-tiered ones are best for smaller treats.

How-to; step one, center the cup's bottom on the underside of the plate and hot-glue cup to plate for pedestal. Step two, for the base, trace a round object onto another plate; cut out with scallop scissors. Put base face up; glue a large rock to the center and glue pedestal mouth to base, covering rock.

Martha Stewart paper cup garlandAlso from the magazine, this delightful garland hangs overhead like lanterns. Just poke two holes on opposite sides, near the bottom and thread yarn through. Knot yarn on sides to keep cups in place.

party cup collageAnd one more treasure; with a little garland and paper ribbon or pipe cleaners threaded through punched holes for handles, send guests home with take-home goody buckets.

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