Tuesday Trend - Take Lunch To-Go

lunchbox collageIt's that time of year again; fighting the crowds for the coolest backpack, lunchbox and 10 cent notebooks, wondering why you are buying shoes again, when you just did 2 months ago, ad nauseum. For those of you not thrilled with the G.I. Joe/Hannah Montana selection at your local Tar-jay, check out these lunchbox gems. You'll never have to worry about yours getting mixed up with all the other clones.

Up your kid's (or your own) coolness factor with a renewable reusable food grade stainless-steel lunch boxes. It features two separate levels and one integrated plate.

Let your little lady dine in style with Thermos' rhinestone princess lunch purse.

Sorry, couldn't resist, also from Thermos; the Batman lunch tote has a cape, for Pete's sake!

Pottery Barn Kids preschool lunchbags feature wrap-around felt appliqués and a simple flap closure.

Minimize your child’s carbon footprint with Kid Konserve’s Butterfly waste-free lunch kit. The set offers a reusable recycled-cotton sack, cloth napkin, two dishwasher-safe stainless-steel food containers, a food cozy and sustainable water bottle.

Forget bulky, square lunchboxes - BuiltNY's Nolita Stripe tasty lunch tote is lightweight neoprene bag that stores flat when it's not in use.

Frecklebox has a wonderful selection of old-school personalized metal lunchboxes.

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