We Eat Wednesday - Pink Taco (the restaurant)

Yes, finally, back in the blogosphere! I know, I'm sorry, it's been awhile. After a fab week alone with my husband in Vegas, partying at exclusive spots, walking through as a V.I.P. (as our friend pointed out, he doesn't wait in lines), hiding from the heat by running from hotel to hotel on the Strip and lots of drinking, we spent another week in Spokane, WA with the in-laws.

Not quite the same; in fact, we kept talking about the differences between Sin City, and what the locals refer to as Spo-Compton. Yes, not quite the same. Sigh.

So back to Vegas...we stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel, or HRH for those of you hipsters, and it boasts the world famous Mr. Lucky's 24-7 and Pink Taco, which I've also learned is a lovely euphemism for the delicate part of the female anatomy. So I guess when you say you've eaten at...no, never mind, gotta keep the blog clean. :)

We ate there several times (the restaurant) and my husband loves it there (the restaurant), the portions are amazing and oh, the drinking....the best margaritas I've ever had. We had breakfast at Mr. Lucky's...eh..a bit overpriced for ok-tasting food.

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