We Go Wednesday - Ski Dubai

I love the Travel Network. The History Channel is a close second, because I love the shows that tell me exactly how the world may possibly end. You know, another freak meteor like the one that took out the dinosaurs, an exploding star sending deadly gamma rays (although they are usually thousands of light-years away, so we're clear), super viruses, etc. Love it all!

Anyways, so back to the Travel Network. They have introduced me to so many amazing places, thus inspiring the next few W.G.W. First stop, Ski Dubai, playground to the ultra-super-duper rich and part of the Mall of the Emirates, one of the largest shopping malls in the world. Why only the ultra-super-duper rich you ask? First off, it's the world's largest indoor snow park, located in...wait for it...the middle of the desert...incased in a dome. Did I mention it's in the desert? A snow park. In the desert. I'll let you marinate on that. That's not Disneyworld, y'all.