Drink Of The Week - Gremlins Rule!

Gremlins Rule!Finally! What better way to kick off the end of summer by getting ready for Halloween? I know I'm already counting down, and here's the first of several great recipes to try out. Courtesy of BHG.

Margarita mix (Tequila optional) or lemonade (optional)
1 each Kiwi, lemon, lime, orange
Maraschino cherry with stem

1. Serve chilled margarita mix on the rocks and add a splash of grenadine.

2. Skewer a slice of kiwi for the face. Cut a cherry in half and attach with pieces of toothpick for eyes.

3. Slip the skewer into the beverage glass. Add the cherry stem for a smile and twists of lemon, lime, and orange peel for hair.