Fiesta Friday (On A Thursday) - A Slashin' Dinner Bash

Looking for a unique way to thrill your guests for Halloween? Feast your eyes on this entire macabre dining room created by Amy Lau, inspired by Showtime's Dexter. Set in Miami, the series centers on Dexter Morgan, a covert serial killer governed by a strict moral code (his victims must be unrepentant killers themselves and he must have defining proof of their crimes) who actually works for the Miami Metro Police Department as a blood splatter analyst.Dexter dinner table

The room features a table ready for a sit down dinner of twelve. No detail is left unturned with stark white, blood red accents and various tongue-in-cheek nods to the character. I could just die (no pun intended) for the dining chairs with the embroidered blood splatter.

Dexter is meticulous about keeping his workspace clean when he carves up his victims, which is interpreted in the clean, protective plastic tablecloth in white. Mimic this look with white chair covers with red splashes of fabric paint.

Dexter dinner table centerpieceHow in love are you with the the blood vial centerpieces for red wine refills? An online science supply store can readily help you create your own version.

Inexpensive wine glasses with a dribble of red glass paint down the stem makes a perfect substitute. And the plates? A splash or two of red paint on unfired bisque at your local paint-your-own pottery store ought to do the trick. Once fired, you will have a white plate with it's own blood spatter. And don't fear, your plates and glasses will make an annual Halloween appearance or out for your next murder mystery party.
Dexter wineglass chandelierRepurposed wine glasses dipped in white latex, then strung amidst wood, cables, light bulbs, wires, wax rope and ribbon create this elaborate chandelier. Want your own? A quick online search of "wineglass chandelier" will reveal many a project to fill your Martha need. If you have the ducets, the Dexter chairs, as well as bloody dinner plates and dismembered flatware from the collection, are available.

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