Setting The Halloween Scene

Time to get the house in spooky order...fall has officially begun. Whether you are throwing a party or just getting into the festive spirit, here are a few fun and unique ways to add a little spook to your haunt.
Eyeball soapOut of sight - the eyeballs in these handcrafted glycerin soap move!

Witch lanternBright idea - Cast menacing shadows from your windowsill or mantel with a Halloween lanterns. Choose this witch or buy the complete cast of characters to really spook it to 'em.

Skull platesStop skull-king about - ´╗┐Sit and dine off these night-black glass appetizer plates.

Who stole the cookie from Target's ceramic crown skull cookie jar?

Voodoo knife standA slice above - The Ex Voodoo Knife Block is definitely your kitchen's conversation starter.

Ikea Hulda RugIkea's Hulda Vilse rug looks very much like bloodpour. Did they mean to do that?

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