Tuesday Tutorial - Pieces of Broomstick Flair and a Bottle Of Rum

Broomstick drink stirrersSome days, I come across something so ridiculously easy, cute and clever, that I can plan a whole party around it in my head, and drool deliriously once I can unleash it upon the world. Thus is the case with these ridiculously easy, cute and clever broomsticks from Hello My Name Is Heather, who graciously shares the tutorial.

Created for a Harry Potter soiree, and perfect for Halloween as a drink-stirrer/skewer-of-hors d'oeuvres/party-favor tag/gift-topper/top-hostess billing once your friends discover you made them yourself.

Michael's pirate costume ideas collageAnd speaking of ridiculously easy, cute and clever...this weekend brought out the Black Diamond Pirates to our children's museum, and of course we had to get into the spirit...

Since neither boy is going as a pirate for Halloween, I decided to make a few outfits myself, courtesy of my local Michael's. They have a Pirate Party flyer that shows you how to make the pirate costume my oldest is wearing, from a couple of T-shirts and fabric paint. The little one's is just a Jerzees ® with an velvet iron-on. Both are perfect no-sew projects, especially if you are looking for an easy Halloween costume.

Pirate Costume
Jerzees ® T-shirts in red and white
Tulip® fabric paint; black, gold glitter
paintbrush (I used a foam brush)
paper towels
paper plate
foam dauber (optional)

1. Using the white shirt first, make slits about 1" apart at cuffs of sleeves for the fringed look. I also trimmed off the hemmed edges of the cuffs.
2. Cut collar from shirt and the hem from the bottom of the shirt to look ragged.
3. For the vest, cut the sleeves off the red shirt, lay the shirt flat and cut up the center, then cut the sides into a v-shape. Cut the hem from the bottom of the shirt as well.
4. Using black fabric paint, paint lines about 2" apart down the front of the red vest to create stripes.
5. Use dauber and gold paint to make buttons down the front. You can use a regular paint brush as well.
Note - follow the paint manufacturer's directions for care of your painted item.

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