Tuesday Tutorial - Pumpkin Bags and Candy Corn Jell-O

Looking for a few easy projects for your harvest or Halloween party? I'll share two ideas done for a recent harvest party.

I've always loved Martha's pumpkin treat bags. They've been recreated many a time, and this is one classic never goes out of style. However, when I tried with the floral tape, I must have had the wrong type, because it was double-sided sticky but kept unraveling. So, the enterprising gal that I am took a trip to her local hardware store and scored on green painter's tape. With orange craft bags from my local craft store filled with chocolate animal crackers (hence the grease spots, sorry!), a perfect favor. Feel free to fill with treats of your own choice.paper pumpkin treat bags
Another fun idea we had were Candy Corn Jell-O cups. Yes, purists, I mixed up the orange and yellow layers. I used 7 oz tumbler cups, 2 small boxes each of orange and lemon gelatin, and spray-can whipped topping. I didn't really measure, just divvied up among all the cups for the bottom (orange) layer. Let chill for a few hours, then add the top (lemon) layer. Serve with a nice dollop of whipped topping. With four boxes of prepared gelatin, I made 12 tumbler cups. Feeling fancy? Top off with orange or yellow sprinkles. Candy corn Jello

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