We Eat Wednesday - Zao Noodle Bar

***UPDATE - THIS ESTABLISHMENT IS NO LONGER IN BUSINESS*** If you have the distinct pleasure of living near a Zao Noodle Bar, make haste. Tired of eating chicken and French fries on our latest excursion to the U Village, we stopped in for a try, and I am in love.

It offers an assortment of Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese noodle dishes made fresh-to-order. Beautifully served, and gianormous portions, I loved the Dan Dan Noodles with Chicken. The kids' menu is simple; brocolli and beef with rice and noodles, were what my boys had. No complicated veggies so they ate it all up. Plus, they love trying to eat with chopsticks, watching the cooks at the open oven, and trying to read the back of the waitstaff's shirts kept them busy. Each one was wearing a different phrase. And the prices are extremly reasonable! My big bowl of noodles was $10 and the kids' meals were $3.50. Healthy and cheap...that's my kind of eatin'!

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