BCA Wednesday (On A Thursday) - In Good Company

In Good Company pink newsletterI love finding new party planning inspiration, especially if it finds me. I'm not sure how, but an email popped into my inbox announcing the launch of a newsletter from my new favorite hero, In Good Company. They are dedicated to helping you throw an amazing party by offering an exquisite range of imported linen, tableware, decorations and favors. Their newsletter, Good News, is an online mag with party tips, photos, downloads, the works!

Today's post is highlighting this month's Good News, Cause For Celebration, dedicated to all things pink party. If you are looking for ways to celebrate, from fundraising to a friend's survival, look no further. They even have inspiration for a bowling party fundraiser!

And guess who is making a cameo appearance in their newsletter, none other than my other hero, Paper & Cake, and their Pink Party download that I blogged about last week. It's...it's like 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon...

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