Drink Of The Week - Halloween Drink Garnishes

Today's D.O.W. isn't a drink recipe, instead, we'll take a peek at some fab ways to make even an ordinary drink supremely divine.

Halloween garnish ideasUse strawberry or raspberry puree to add streams of "blood" down the sides of the glass for light hued drinks or drizzles of blood-red grenadine down the sides of the glass for milk-based drinks. Irish cream curdles as a reaction to this lime-based beverage, creating realistic strands of "brain." Don't let the simplicity of gummy worms fool you; floating in a foamy drink, they are a Halloween classic.

Halloween fruit garnishes
Head to the produce section for these creations! A spooky clementine pumpkin is a little labor-intensive but worth the effect. Go batty for these garnishes, but don't serve to your vegan friends. I heart the bedeviled skewer...slipping in the nutrition and coolness factor is perfect. Bug your guests with this maraschino cherry and lime creation.

Need more inspiration? Check out my post with a link to a fab broomstick tutorial; last year's post is chock full of ghastly garnish gems.

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