Fiesta Friday - Where The Wild Things Are

I loved, loved, loved this book as a child. So does my nephew, since his name is Max too. Ah the classics...and with the release of the movie on the 16th, it is perfectly fitting for a Halloween theme.

Not wanting to make his birthday too Halloweeney, one of my readers has requested some party inspiration; themed party on the Saturday with the birthday boy seeing the movie opening night (in IMAX, lucky duck!).

Get The Party Started
A folded paper boat with party details written on the sides is perfect. However, if you have the skills, take a cue from Lyndsey over at Kitchen Dough Dough used. She imposed her son's face on an image of Max from the book for her invite.

Setting The Scene
Where The Wild Things Are hat tutorialGet geeked out with this Wild Things hat; get the pattern from Instructables and get your rumpus on! Take it up a notch, this headpiece would make the perfect picture prop!

What To Do
Have some quiet time with a Wild Things crossword or making paper bag beast puppets. How about making a Max puppet? Toy-A-Day has a free PDF file for you to use.

Max receives a a gold crown; hand out spikey crowns you can make from gold posterboard. But feel free to improvise; get your hands on some foam crowns from your local craft store and set out sequins, foam and other goodies for them to decorate to become "Kings and Queens of the Wild Things".Where The Wild Things Are cupcakes

Set up a cookie-decorating bar with sugar crown cookies, or decorate large round sugar cookies to look like characters from the book a la Neatorama's cupcakes.

The Tunes
"Wild Thing" by Roy Orbison
"Welcome To The Jungle" by Guns N' Roses
"The Lion Sleeps Tonight" by The Tokens
"Jungle Boogie" by Kool and The Gang
"Born To Be Wild" by Steppenwolf
Disney's Tarzan movie soundtrack

The Munchies
Although Max did get sent to bed without dinner, don't let your beasts get too hungry. Scholastic's recipes for Max's Monster Mash In A Pineapple Boat, Wild Thing Island Smoothies and Beastly Burgers with Carrot Claws will have them growling for more!
Where The Wild Things Are cake collage

Flickr's tallulablue's cake is awe-inspiring yet deceptively simple; a jungle cake with color copies of the characters. You could make cupcake toppers using the same ideas or take inspiration from blue cupcake's cupcake tower.

Send Them Home With A Smile
I absolutely love these unique bags for their party. You could duplicate the look with stamps. And how adorable are these pillows from Skip To My Lou, each guests would LOVE to go home with a special, new friend!Where The Wild Things Are party favors

Need more inspiration? Check out Cupcake Wishes and Birthday Dreams ' inspiration board with lots of jungle ideas to play with and Party Perfect shares a wild rumpus complete with masks and jungle vines.

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