Stiletto Spy School

Stiletto Spy School
I'm not just a mommy...I constantly remind myself of that as I sit in front of the boob tube, folding laundry. And as I'm watching one of the Kardashian sisters throw up into a trashcan, a commercial comes on that makes me daydream a little...Stiletto Spy School.

I do have a " 'daring, confident, gorgeous secret agent inside...' " Some days, I envision myself as Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith (I can't catch a wine bottle with lightning speed, but I have caught a glass or two of juice getting knocked over by an elbow), and for one weekend, you really can be.

Skills learned range from extreme stunt driving (which comes in handy whether you are eluding corrupt cops or on slippery ice while carpooling) to full firearms and SWAT team training (hey, have you been to a PTA meeting lately? Those women are crazy!) If you live in NY, you can bring out your inner Uma and learn samurai sword fighting. And yes my lushes, they can teach you martini mixing skills.

How fab would this be for a bachelorette party (they have boy packages too!), a out-of-control birthday celebration, or just for a girls' weekend?

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