Tuesday Tip - Personally You Parties Giveaway/Cupcake Contest

Personally You Parties packageFellow fab party planning blogger Lisa over at Personally You Parties is partying it up with her first blogoversary and is celebrating with a mini party package giveaway and...she may even throw in some chocolate! Mmmm...chocolate. Contest ends next Sunday the 25th, so skedaddle over.

Parents November 2009 cupcakesAnd speaking of yummy, the November Parents magazine has the perfect cupcake article, with lots of creative and fun tips to make your treats smile-worthy at your next bash perfect. How in love am I with the cereal straw/gumdrop candle? They even have a gluten-free cupcake recipe, and a page full of easy ways to make your cupcakes even more special with liners, glitter flakes and fun picks. And check out their Kids' Cupcake Contest starting November 1 through December 30 to enter your creation, and the winner will be featured in a future issue!

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