Tuesday Tutorial - Costume Cookies/Bubbling Cauldron

Cookie magazine costume cookie masks
Look what I found in my latest Cookie magazine, a delicious idea for Halloween party goodies - costume cookies!

Clare Crespo of YummyFun! shares this fun recipe; bake your favor shapes like mustaches and crazy eyes on Popsicle sticks, set out candies, frosting (they share a homemade recipe but store-bought is just as good) and let them go wild! And can't you just see these for more than Halloween? Mardi Gras party anyone?

Bubbling Cauldron DIY before
And speaking of creativity, look what we whipped up over the weekend. I've been in love with this bubbling cauldron from the first time I laid eyes on it in BHG Halloween Tricks & Treats 2007. And this is one of the easiest projects I've ever done, the most work was finding a decent priced cauldron (mine is a 16" found for $6 at Party City) and the matching flowerpot saucer (mine is a 12" from Lowe's for $7).

You can use whatever size cauldron you choose, just as long as you have a saucer that is the same diameter as the cauldron's opening.

Bubbling Cauldron tutorial Halloween

Other materials
aluminum foil
can of spray-foam insulation for large cracks (mine is Touch N Foam Max Fill)
assorted rubber critters
plastic eyeballs
lime-green acrylic craft paint and paintbrush (I used a mix of Apple Barrel's Yellow Glow-in-the-Dark and Leaf Green)
hot glue gun

1. Line the saucer with aluminum foil. Spray foam insulation into the tray until it is just a little more than full. Let the wet foam set up for about 10 minutes to form the "bubbling brew", then insert rubber critters and plastic eyes where you choose. Don't be afraid, it kinda feels like bread dough.

2. On a separate sheet of aluminium foil, spray small blobs of the foam insulation. You'll use these blobs as decorative "drips" to glue on the edge of the cauldron.

3. Let all foam insulation dry for 36 hours to cure.

4. After the foam has completely set, remove the foam from the saucer and peel off the foil.

5. Set the "bubbling brew" inside the opening of the large cauldron. If you'd like, you can trim to fit inside with your craft knife. Mine sits on top of the cauldron, and that's fine too for yours. I hot-glued my "drips" to fill in a few open areas. But not to the cauldron, so you can take the "bubbling brew" off for easier storage.

6. Paint all areas of the "bubbling brew" with lime-green paint thinned a little with water, but be careful not to paint your critters.

Ta da!

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