Tuesday Trend - (Sesame) Street Smarts

Today's trend is perfect because today is the icon's 40th birthday. I can't believe that it's been around that long...and then I remember, I've been around almost as long. Sigh. Ok, so my kids won't come near Elmo with a ten-foot pole, but I would force the little one to have a Sesame Street party just to attempt to make these....
Bakerella Sesame Street popsBakerella Sesame Street pops 2Run, run, run over to Bakerella; she has a full tutorial, pictures, sketches, everything you need! And if you need some help planning the party around the treats, check out my previous post on some fab parties. And if that's not enough, and here are a few more to get those creative juices flowing!
Hostess Sesame Street candy buffetHWTM's decadent candy buffet, perfect for the young and young-at-heart.

Abby Cadabby 1st birthday collageA very elegant Abby Cadabby party, perfectly appropriate for 1 year old Abby. Don't you love the themed sippy cups?

Elmo party tableI love that this toddler Elmo party requested guests to wear red.

Cookie Monster/Big Bird treatsMe want Nick^D's Cookie Monster cupcake! How fun would it be to send guests home with a cute Big Bird lollipop?

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