We Go Wednesday - Dealbreaker

So, today's W.G.W. isn't a physical location, but it is just as entertaining. OK, I'm stretching that a bit. OK, you got me, I'm tooting my own horn today.

I love me some 30 Rock, and if you haven't been watching it, you should, because anything Tina Fey does is side-splitting. Who's that? Oh come on, you know her from her dead-on impressions of Sarah Palin during the elections last year. Oh yeah, she also wrote this little movie called Mean Girls.

Long story short, one of the episodes deals with romantic advice to the audience at a TV show. My favorite has to be when an audience member says ' "My boyfriend has been acting really weird since he got promoted at his job--" ' to which Tina Fey's Liz Lemon replies ' "Yeah, he thinks he deserves a vajayjay upgrade. He doesn't. He's not Tom Brady. Shut it down. Deal breaker!" '

Inspired by such inspiration is the site Dealbreaker - devoted to anything capable of ruining everything. Sample Dealbreakers include "You Watch The Hills", "You're Lady Gaga" and my personal favorite "You're Wal-mart". Oh, is that me? Why yes it is! Inspired by my dislike of Crocs and Wal-mart, I decided to channel my inner Liz Lemon and shut it down. And to disclaim, I had nothing to do with the photo, the genius that is the Dealbreaker crew did that. I love that his name tag says 'Facebook'...hmmm...subtle message there?

Oh, and second disclaimer to the couple of people who have emailed and commented asking why do I complain and go somewhere else to shop, I say to each their own. People jump out of perfectly good planes for fun and others wax their bikini area, to which I say "Why, why, why?" but to each their own. If you've had a fab time at Wal-mart, good for you!

I was just there the other day, and I swear the people in front had to be buying $200 worth of produce, all requiring weighing, counting and typing in codes. I kid you not. Plus, I've been under the weather and desperate to get out of the house and my befuddled brain figured that being early afternoon meant less people would be there. I must have stood there for 15 minutes; meanwhile my befuddled brain kept debating if I should move, but damn it, I'm next, while popping cough drops and hacking into tissue. It's just a cough, no swine flu thank you. Just one of those that wakes you up from a deep sleep, forcing you downstairs for more medicine while your husband 'sleeps'. I know he hears me. When he goes to bed first, I can creep in later with the skills of a ninja and he says 'I can hear you.' I'm hacking up a lung and he's dead to the world.

Wow, that train derailed fast. It's been awhile since I've ranted and raved. Good for me!

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