We Go Wednesday - Ninja New York

Ninja New YorkMan, the Travel Channel is awesome! While watching "Extreme Restaurants", they spotlighted a few crazy places that I just have to share over the next couple of W.G.W. The first, Ninja New York.

It's a theme restaurant and the theme is...ninjas. Set up like a ninja castle in feudal days, there is the possibility of getting lost and/or ninja-attacked while you are being led to your booth. Swords and ninjas may pop through your booth at any given moment. Waiters go through a month long training in the ways of the ninja and impeccable service. "Ninja signatures" include guests breaking up a gigantic cheese cracker doubling as a crouton with a karate chop. Diners can order "floating sashimi", presented on a small plate within a huge bowl filled with dry ice.Ninja New York 2