Drink Of The Week - Bitter Break-Up Beverages

One of my most favoritest movies is Chicago, not because it's a feminist anthem of getting back at men for screwing us over, but I love the music and dance numbers, and the over-the-top acting. It won a lot of Oscars, so I'm not the only crazy one.

I got to thinking about it lately since apparently all the men in the world must have gotten the memo that 'Infidelity Is The New Black'...Jenny Sanford announced this week she is divorcing her husband, you know the governor who went to Argentina to visit his soul mate? She should call up Dina McGreevey on tips on how not to cut him in his sleep. Now Elin Woods gets to join the club. Maybe they should all call up Vanessa Bryant, Elizabeth Edwards, Ivana Trump, Mia Farrow, Jennifer Aniston, Christie Brinkley and Hilary Clinton, and get buttons made that say "My Husband Couldn't Keep It In His Pants, Ask Me How!"

OK, I'm rambling, there is a point somewhere...oh yeah. I've done several posts on divorce and break-up parties, so I thought I would take a pause for the cause. Some hard working women out there are going to have a shitty (pardon my French) Christmas, especially if they have children. So today's post is dedicated to some cocktails that would be fabulous for a get-together, or just an evening to yourself while you eat through a box of truffles. No, don't do that. Don't give him your figure too! And come back tomorrow, for some more bitter breakup ideas that include the movie Chicago. See, came back to that!

Ol' Dirty Bastard (courtesy of Drinkswap.com and serves 1)
2 oz Southern Comfort
1 oz vodka
2 oz spiced rum
1/2 oz Coca-Cola

1. Add Southern Comfort, spiced rum, and Coca-Cola to an ice-filled old-fashioned glass filled with ice cubes.

Dirty Laundry (courtesy of Stirrings.com and serves 1)
1/4 part Stirrings authentic grenadine
1/4 part Stirrings blood orange bitters
1/4 part Stirrings clarified key lime juice
1/2 part triple sec
1 part Stirrings Lemon Drop
2 1/2 parts bourbon
splash of champagne/prosecco
splash of sweet vermouth
garnish: cherry

1. Fill cocktail shaker with plenty of ice and add everything except the champagne and vermouth.
2. Shake and pour into a champagne flute, then top with champagne, vermouth and garnish with a cherry.

Bite Me (courtesy of Drinkmixer.com and serves 1)
1 oz rum
1 oz root beer
1 oz orange soda
garnish: orange peel

1. Add rum, root beer and soda into a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice cubes.
2. Shake well, strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with an orange peel.

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