Drink Of The Week - Hot Cocoa Bar

Ugly Sweater Christmas party cocoa barWhew! My Ugly Sweater Christmas Party (more pictures up soon) was a go last night, and maybe I will finally return to my poor neglected blog. One of my favorite things was the hot cocoa bar, which is perfect for any winter-themed party.

There are all kinds of sites that have amazing hot chocolate/hot cocoa recipes...apparently there is a HUGE difference and some on-going debate on taste, yadda, yadda, yadda. Either way, have a couple of flavored options; we had chocolate and French Vanilla cocoa and it was just fine. I can't help you if you are a chocolate snob....but I won't debate the merits of using milk instead of water. I won't budge on that, you gotta use milk.

Have a fun selection of add-ins so guests can help themselves creating their own flavored delight! I suggest a drink menu with a few ideas, especially if you offer liqueurs. Our guests topped off their drinks with whipped cream and their choice of chocolate sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, sugar sprinkles and cinnamon. Other fun possibilities...

-mini peanut butter or white chocolate chips
-candied ginger
-marshmallows/marshmallow fluff
-finely chopped candy bars like Heath bars, Snickers or Milky Way
-crushed peppermint candy pieces
-cayenne/chili pepper...hey, some like it hot!
-crushed candy bits like Red Hots, Reese's Pieces, M&Ms, etc.

Flavored syrups are another fun add-in and there are lots of different syrups right in your coffee aisle. I made my own peppermint syrup to add that 'Starbucks' feel to any drink.

Don't forget drink stirrers; we had chocolate-dipped peppermint sticks. Try cinnamon and rock candy sticks for fun garnishes.

For an adult party, have a few options to kick drinks up...I offered Kahlua® coffee liqueur as an option. Try peppermint, butterscotch or cinnamon Schnapps, Irish creams, or brandy.

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