Fiesta Friday - He Had It Coming

Sunday I posted about divorce/break-up themed cocktails and today I'm sharing some new ways to help out that gal pal who really needs some support. First, and and most important is the theme; it should be more about her starting a new chapter and less about dwelling on the chapter that is closing. Here are three great themes that can be fun and expand as much as your budget allows.

As I mentioned before, Chicago is a great movie to consider; the story is circa 1927 so how about a 'Roaring 20's' theme if you are looking for a more elegant feel?

Try low lighting, and set tables black and white tablecloths; accessorize with costume pieces like feather boas and plumes, brooches and long pearls as centerpieces. Set out bowls of goldfish, which were swimming in popularity in the ’20, or small round bowls with red roses floating in water. Decorate with old wood crates filled with shredded paper and bottles of liquor peeking out from the paper for a speakeasy feel. Of course, you must have the movie playing in the background.

Your party menu can consist of literal Chicago favorites like Chicago-style deep dish pizza and hot dogs, or take it there with food inspired by the movie. For example, serve up chicken skewers a la the murderess who is carving up a chicken when her jealous husband comes after her.

Send them home with copies of the movie's soundtrack, mini bottles of gin (drink of choice during this time) or mini gumball machines with tags that read "Thank you for coming, but 'if you pop that gum one more time'...". Hey, you gotta watch the movie to know what I'm talking about (and to get the title of today's post).

Outwit, outplay, outlast; a Survivor Party is perfect for the active gal pal; after all, she survived the sinking ship of marriage. Fun invitations like a message in a bottle perfectly set the tone. Invite guests to arrive in tattered clothing for a castaway look. Decorate your space with an island feel; if you are hosting this party at an outdoor location, decorate with sand, large potted palms, tribal masks, hammocks and lit tiki torches. Skip the torches and hammocks for the indoors, instead cover furniture with fishing nets. Pass out multicolored leis to divide guests into teams or tribes.

Serve tropical foods like seafood dishes and set up a frozen daiquiri bar. Don't be tied up as bartender all night, get yourself a daiquiri machine and offer a few selections. Set up an area to do mud masks in your kitchen, to recreate scenes where the show's survivors frolic in the mud.

More fun can be had with a gummy insect-eating contest or the Ice Toes Challenge. Fill tubs (one for each team or tribe) with lots of ice, 100 marbles, and water. Contestants line up behind their team tub and each team member is given 30 seconds to remove as many marbles as possible from the tub, using only their toes, before they switch with the next person. The first team to get all their marbles out of the tub wins.

Tropical music serves as a nice background, or modern music like "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor or "I'm A Survivor" by Destiny's Child works just as well.

When life gives you lemons, ask for tequila and salt; set the scene for a Lemon Party complete with margaritas, tortilla chips and lots of mango salsa. My Expression's fun margarita invites or these lemon party invites from Taylor Card Co. are a great way to get your ladies motivated.

Yellow decor is a must..check out this pretty yellow party from Lorajean's Magazine; don't you just love her big jar of lemonade? Fill your version with spiked lemonade. Oversized glasses make perfect centerpieces when paired with lemons and yellow roses. Accent with colorful decorations and drinking glasses - drink umbrellas, swizzle sticks, paper flowers, drink coasters, straws and even sparklers!

Of course you can take it further and go with Mexican decor like this Senoritas and Margaritas Party. Get more exotic and have a tequila-tasting party; an online search can reveal lots of tips on how to host one. Serve margarita cupcakes and favors like shot glasses and little bottles of tequila help guests continue the party at home.

No matter which party you choose, a great way to extend a supportive hand is to have guests bring gifts that replace the items her ex took, or pool money together for a splurge gift like a trip. And remember, it's not a man-bashing party (although watching Chicago may put you in that mood) but a reaffirmation of your friendships, love and support!

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