Giveaway Winner and Real Party Sneak Peek

And the winner of The Kitchen Fork Giveaway...comment #2, Gigi email is already winging its way to you. And yes, I finally figured out how to use the random generator too! Thanks to all those who commented, and keep an eye out, more giveaways are always popping up here.
gingerbread bird housegingerbread bird house 2I'm working on my second party (another reason for the lack of blogging) for Friday, this time for the kids. Once again, I'm not able to provide gingerbread for everyone, we have quite a group coming. Last year we did graham cracker houses, this year I wanted something a little more permanent.

I've been eyeballing the $1 wooden birdhouses all summer at Michael's and then they popped up at our Dollar Tree, and they just kept talking to me. So, I'm turning them into gingerbread house ornaments. I'm prepainting them and then our guests can decorate them and mom can have a nice keepsake and a few less cavities. I just love my demo condo...since they will be inedible, we can use sequins, foamies and beads along with candy and marshmallows. You can do a larger version with regular birdhouses for a fun centerpiece.

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