Tuesday Tip/Tutorial - No-Bake Plates/DIY Bows/Picture Magnets

It's a Christmas Tips Bonanza today! Are you still (STILL??) looking for something special and personal for family and friends? I love the paint-it-yourself pottery place, and I know some of you had your pieces made and sent out a month ago. Good for you.

It gets pretty pricey though, so those of you who want the uniqueness of bisque and the speed of now, I would suggest getting yourself a nice piece of oven-safe crockery like a platter or mug and a handful of Sharpie markers and settle in for a night of creativity. Remember my tip from Everyday Celebrating? Told you I had to use it, 'cuz it's awesome!
Sharpie plate beforeSharpie plate afterCheck out your local home decor place like Marshall's for better quality plates with raised designs; I lucked out and found Lenox dessert plates for cheap and let the boys personalize them.

And speaking of gifts, I'm all about presentation, and go through great lengths to make a gift pretty. I most particularly hate those 50-count bag of bows ubiquitous this time of year, they are so...store-bought-looking. Martha does have a solution, however she is using beautiful, fluffy ones, not the sad ones made up of 5 loops...you know which ones...which begs the question, why cut up the beautiful, fluffy ones anyways, they are beautiful and fluffy?
DIY gift bowNever fear, because over at How About Orange... you will be saved from the despair of store-bought bows that NEVER match the gift wrap. What is up with that weird green, and really, who has that purple in their Christmas wrap arsenal? Think of the possibilities...you can customize the bow for the recipient...mix and match colors, use newspapers and comics for the males in your life, crossword puzzle paper for the gamer, notebook paper for the teacher, actually match your wrapping paper and the bow!

Because I have the attention span of a mouse, I've also involved myself in yet one more project amidst the 15 I have going on right now. I'm so tired of the kids taking the pictures off the fridge to stare at a particular friend, and not get it under the magnet right, so the picture falls off the fridge. With the holidays come more pictures to put up and the fridge is already at capacity. picture magnetsMy friend R did this forever ago with her Xyron machine, making them stickers and putting them on magnet sheets. I don't have the machine, but that's what double-sided tape is for. I got my hands on the Avery Inkjet Magnet Sheets and finally started turning them into magnets. I know, right? Why didn't you think of that sooner?

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