Tuesday Tutorial - Cookie Candle

FamilyFun cookie candleHow in love am I with this this cookie candle from FamilyFun? A group of them would make a perfect menorah for Hanukkah, fun place settings for the kids' Christmas table, or a fun "sparkler" for New Year's. Actually, they are perfect year round! Can you see them on a birthday cake? Oh yes, I will be making these....

Confectioners' sugar
Flower cookie with a center hole (They used Murray shortbread cookies)
Larger cookie (They used Anna's Ginger Thins)
Rolled wafer cookie (They used Pepperidge Farm Pirouettes)
Mini marshmallow
Orange decorating sugar
Red decorating gel

1. Make a simple icing by stirring together 1 teaspoon water and 5 tablespoons confectioners' sugar.

2. Use dots of icing to attach a small flower cookie with a center hole to a larger cookie.

3. Dab icing on one end of a rolled wafer cookie and press it into the center of the flower cookie.

4. For the flame, halve a mini marshmallow diagonally, dip the sticky side of one half in orange decorating sugar, and attach the half with icing. If you have any leftover gumdrops, an orange one would make a perfect substitute instead.

5. Spoon a few wax drips of icing down the candle's sides and use red decorating gel to embellish the base.

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